Hammertoes And Other Crooked Toe Conditions

The traditional technique to correct a hammertoe involves making an incision on the top of the toe and reaching the bones underneath. There are three bones in each lesser toe, and the surgeon directs his/her attention to the bone that is most prominently positioned on top. The tip of this bone is removed at the joint, which allows the toe to flatten down again. The surgeon then goes through a series of sequential tests to release or lengthen specific ligaments, tendons and soft tissue that act on the bones if the contracture is not fully relaxed when the bone is removed.

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Your podiatrist may recommend a surgical procedure if your hammertoes are not helped by the conservative care methods listed above. Surgery for hammertoes is performed to help straighten your crooked toe. Your surgery will be performed in your podiatrist’s office or at a hospital, depending on the severity of your hammertoe. A metal pin is sometimes used to help your affected toe maintain its straight position during your recovery. Hammetoes are diagnosed by observing the contracted and deformed position of the toes. They can also be identified by painful corns and calluses that are often associated with them. Long Term Effects What are the long-term effects of the condition?

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As you get up and bare weight on your feet the toes feel as though they are contracting giving the feeling that you are gripping a towel. The tops of the toes will be rubbing against the top of the shoe and will cause corns. The metatarsal heads will collapse and the fatty pad under the metatarsal may move forwards giving the feeling of socks wading up under the toes. Pain can also occur under the metatarsal joints and numbness can develop down through the toes. Most people with sever hammer toes may also experience discomfort across the top of your feet at the instep.